Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ok, so I'm a little behind...

I'm not real great at this blogging thing... so it's been awhile...

but one thing is for sure....

I've never been happier!!!

Life has come so fast, some days when I'm almost awake but still in sleep mode, I wonder to myself how much longer until Russell gets home from his mission and I'll see him again, and then I roll over... and there he is!!
We're both still adjusting to being married, well at least I am. Because of his mission Russ is used to living in strange apartments away from home and with someone else, I.... am not. It is great though, I'm not complaining, it's just different.
Our wedding day was the most wonderful day in the history of wonderful days!!! I'm so happy to be sealed to the man I love more than anything for all of Eternity!! The day was a blur, and ended so quickly, but I will never forget the smile on our faces or the love we were shown from our friends and family! Thanks everyone! We love you!

Since the wedding we've been trying to get our apartment in order. Once again, that is something Russ is better at than I am. Slowly but surely, things are getting put away and rooms are getting cleaned. And every once in awhile I make something edible for dinner... I am no cook, that's for sure, but one dish I made actually turned out!! Thank you Emily for the Apricot Chicken recipe!! It was delicious!

I wish I could say right here that "other than that our lives have been pretty calm..." but that is not the case. Russ was laid of off his job at the Deseret Mill within a week of our marriage, but luckily the Lord was watching out for us and he received a call from L3 Communications... today is his 2nd day working for their cafeteria. And it definitely did not hurt that he had gotten experience working at the best deli around (Leger's...of course) before his mission!

My dad is sleeping here on the couch near me. I'm so glad he is home, and ok. He's been sick and ended up at McKay Dee for a few days after having an emergency appendix surgery. His appendix had burst but it was up behind another organ and he had to be on strong antibiotics that can only be given through an IV. He's still recovering and on lots of meds, but he's home and it was great to see him walking around a bit today! I love him very much and it was a bit of a scare earlier this week. Just another reason to count your blessings!

So... life is hectic,
(the only way it could be better is if I was in Disneyland with my brother and my in-laws...I can't wait 'Til June!!)