Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A tale of Star crossed lovers...

..who never get to friggin' see each other!!! Jess and I started jobs this past week, and I already hate it. She works from 9am to 3pm while i work from 2pm to 12:30pm!!! Argh! So, I felt like complaining on our blog... still not feeling any better. bah! Any way, I hope you all have a good day and that you treat your signifigant other like you should (enjoying every second of it!)

Monday, July 14, 2008


It's finally happened!! The moment I have been waiting for, for almost 4 years!

Last night, at Temple Square, Russell asked me to marry him!

My excitement cannot be described in words! I love him more than anything and everything, and just the thought of being his wife for the rest of Eternity brings tears of joy to my eyes!! It was a beautiful moment that I will never forget!!
I have never been happier!!

Russell, I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is Jessica!

Hello Everybody....
So this is totally Russell's idea, although I love reading others' blogs. We are still trying to figure this all out and everything.....it's kinda frustrating that I have to use Russ's email and his name to post, but oh well I'll figure it out eventually!
Hopefully inserting this picture will work too, that'd be good I guess!

(yes...I know Russell is weird...)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Greetings Humans....

Yes, that is right, I have joined this cultish thing you earthlings refer to as "blogging". Don't Judge me. I'm new at this, but i'm sure i'll be having all kinds of fun posting my life events. I'm sure my Princess doesn't mind either.
For starters, I am Russell. Of course, anyone who visits this blog would know that already. I have recently returned from a LDS mission from Portland, Or, and am enjoying life so far. Jess and I are getting along swimmingly, which is an odd term considering I haven't been in a pool for over two years. I have a stunning collection of what many consider to be cool (or useless, but that's your problem) trinkets. Also, I am a writer, and love to draw and act up. I don't embarass easily, which means I have no problem dancing in the middle of a busy street just to cheese someone off.
Well, I'm going to be done just for a while. I want Jess to introduce herself before I embarass her... hmm...